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Anyone who is a mom, or is around a mom knows that a camera or phone is always in their hands. Always within arms reach. Moms photograph their children daily, always eager to capture their new tricks, those first moments, their natural beauty and their natural development . Whatever the reason is, moms just can’t stop. But when going through these millions of photos often times moms are short on photos of themselves and their kids. Sometimes this means maybe one of them and their kids- sometimes even none.

All photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

It is a important for Mothers to be included in photographs with their children. The journey of a mother’s love is so special that the emotion and love should be captured in photos where moments and time stand still. Most moms forgot to get involved because they are juggling a million things at once or let’s be real for a minute , don’t like how they look at that very moment because it feels like the shower hasn’t been seen in days and dry shampoo has been their best friend. We have all been there.

BUT, what is really important is that kids will want to look back at photos of them growing up and see photos their mom has take of them with the siblings , their dad or mom, friends, at sporting events, cousins, etc.... and also be able to see photographs of themselves with their MOMS. This is the exact reason why it is so important to book mommy&me sessions.

All photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

In the years to come, children will look forward to looking back at these beautiful photos, as will all Moms.

Photo by Anastasia Creaser Photos

Behind the scenes photos taken by Kayla:

Vendor Credits :

Model: Kayla Capponi

Dress: Time Trove Modiste Nicole Jacqueline Hodgkiss

Hair: Tessa Marie Pingree

Make up: Amanda Hope Makeup

Venue: The Farm at Worthley Pond, Wedding and Event Venue

Hosts: Anastasia Creaser Kayla Capponi

Macrame earrings and hair pieces : Vichi Knots

Macrame backdrop: Petal & Cord

Wood flower bouquet: Lone Star Florals

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