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Only a mothers love

Mother’s Day comes with a lot of meaning in my life , it’s actually always had a lot of meaning to me personally. As a child, I had the joy of always sharing Mother’s Day with so many amazing woman who were close to me and had a important role in my life and now I’m experiencing it from the other side as a mom myself.

We would always do morning brunch with my immediate family and then go make our daily rounds of visits with all the amazing mom role models that we had in our lives.

Before having a child, I always thought that being a Mom would be so fun , feel like we were playing dress up everyday and be so easy. ( I guess that’s a tribute to my own mom and female role models in my life for making it look so easy). But being a mom has taught me some of my hardest life lessons and also brought me some of the greatest joys that I didn’t even know I could feel. I am so grateful and blessed for my amazing daughter who means the absolute world to me.

I hope she knows how much of a positive impact being her mom has made on me. As a mom, we continually feel like it’s our job to teach our kids, but today I wanted to share a few things that my daughter have taught me.

Kamber. The way she smiles lights up any room that she walks in. The way she looks at life is so beautiful! She is always seeing the positive in everyone and everything. The smallest things excite her like jumping in puddles, blowing bubbles, walking barefoot, dancing in the wind, singing at the top of lungs, everything is adventure. She has taught me to appreciate the little things and to love in a way that I didn’t know was possible. Her excitement for life has motivated me to be the best version of myself and to chase after your dreams big or small.

Always take the time to celebrate the special moms in your life and also don’t ever forget to celebrate YOU!



new photos from Mommy & Me promo shoot.

All photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

Hosts Anastasia Creaser Kayla Capponi

Venue The Farm at Worthley Pond

Hair Tessa Marie Pingree

Make up Amanda Hope Makeup

Dresses Time Trove Modiste

Macrame back drop Petal & Cord

Macrame earrings and hair pieces Vichi Knots

Wood flower bouquet Lone Star Florals

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