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The Snowy Ice Princess

Kamber is captured in a misty forest setting while channeling a modern-day ice princess. This stunning mini shoot highlights a whimsical and enchanted concept.

Photo by Anastasia Creaser Photos

The talented Anastasia Creaser Photos tells the story of a beautiful ice queen in a stunning snowy setting through breathtaking imagery at The Farm at Worthley Pond!

Behind the scenes photos by Kayla

She is a modern day Elsa, enchanting all who see her in the setting of a Wintry farmhouse home. And we absolutely love what Kamber had to say to say about some of the inspiration behind this shoot.... “I want to feel like a princess, like Elsa. I want to twirl in a pretty dress and be the most prettiest ice princess. I want to throw the snow high in the sky and hope all ice princesses live forever”.

Photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

Our Hope was to to take the way Kamber felt and put it into a picture. These pictures could be so many things. Maybe it’s the love you have for your significant other, your family, dreams you wished would come true or maybe it is the confidence you feel in your business. Regardless of what the image looks like, the most important part is that you see pure joy, happiness, innocence, love, freedom in them….Even as adults, we still want to walk into a room and be noticed and feel like a princess. We still want to twirl in a skirt and imagine our enchanted dreams a reality. But this simple mini shoot just proved that it isn’t the elaborate gowns or the crown, but it’s the way we allow ourselves to be free in who we are, to throw snow as high as the sky allows, to smile, to twirl around like no one is watching, and the confidence we carry within us.

Photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

Always stay true to your inner princess, smile for no reason, radiate your beauty, show your amazing confidence, overuse I love you, don’t let go of your innocence and hold yourself close to your heart always.

“Some people are worth melting for.” –Olaf

Photo of The Farm Kitchen

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