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Goals over Resolutions

Being in a pandemic isn’t easy but what really isn’t easy is owning a small business in a pandemic. Let alone a business that relies on social gatherings and events… WEDDINGS. As we are now in 2021 my photography business is almost entirely booked for weddings for the next year. This is EXTREMELY exciting but also terrifying as the situation changes literally everyday.

Since I have no control over the situation (it’d be pretty cool if I did) I never made any New Years resolutions. I did however make goals for 2021. What’s the difference? I feel like goals are made from self motivation. Resolutions on the other hand are more controlling. I am the kind of person that hates to be controlled and feel controlled and will rebel if I feel such a way. Since this year is obviously going to be another 2020 situation with the pandemic still here, I thougbt it was time to break the tradition of “resolutions” and go with the more free concept of goals.

My 2021 goals

  1. Create art I love. In whatever job I am working on whether it is a wedding, family, senior session or anything in between I want to be IN LOVE with my work. I want to get out there and create the art I love with my camera in my hand.

  1. Experiment. I feel like photographers like myself get so tied up in consistent editing we forget how to be creative. Yes consistency is key when being a photographer but sometimes I feel like I have no say over my creativity with the same ole boring editing. I want to have power over my images with a similar style in mind but still freedom to create!

  1. Branding. Branding is so important to a small business. It is how we attract our ideal clients and have a recognizable image for ourselves. A part of my love for photography is being a graphic designer and creating a brand that I LOVE!

My goals are pretty vague but that’s only on purpose. It leaves me room to reach the goal and be realistic. No amounts or numbers are involved because these goals are for fun, they’re for me. I don’t need to stress myself out more and I urge you to not either with your own goals.

So go out and come up with three goals to better yourself or business. Make them small and manageable and something you will look forward to reaching!

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