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All I want for Christmas is you..

What a special Christmas treat we have in store for you all! Our Christmas Minis were held at an actual renovated farm in Western, Maine- cue dreamy lush and homespun landscape with a rustic festive feel in the barn. We used a rustic palate of colors and decor that created the beautiful natural and cozy sets.

Photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

We all love singing along to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You, but these minis truly took those words to heart. We had families, couples, best friends and generational families join us.

Photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

These Christmas minis were joyful, festive, and filled with so much love. With a cozy kitchen cooking set and a Maine Christmas barn set filled with twinkling lights, a vintage LL Bean kids sled, snowshoes and lots of flour and cookie dough this day turned out to be so magical. Get inspired with this day’s vintage decor, cozy sets, and abundance of rustic feel in these Christmas Minis At The Farm sessions.

Photos by Anastasia Creaser Photos

The Venue+ Inspiration

We wanted to capture the beauty of Maine and the love of Christmas so we chose The Farm at Worthley Pond. To us, a Farm symbolizes a community, mostly family coming together so it was the perfect venue. Christmas usually means lots of cooking together so the kitchen with the fireplace was the perfect way to capture this meaning. The rustic wood in the barn with the vintage decor encapsulated the Maine beauty. It was the perfect combination of both.

We loved meeting everyone and feeling the purse Christmas Magic ✨

Kayla & Anastasia

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